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If you’ve got a business blog – or are thinking of starting a blog for your business or company – chances are good you’ve read a lot about How to Blog for Business. The problem with most of the advice you’ll read is that it’s written by people who don’t blog FOR business – they blog AS a business. The tips they swear by are great for people who make most of their money from a blog – not so hot if your plan for blog marketing is less about marketing your blog and more about marketing your business WITH a blog. If your plan is to use a blog to boost traffic to your business website or reach out to new customers, there are some major blog marketing rules that really won’t work for you. These blog marketing (and social media promotion) rules were made to be broken.

Blog Every Day

If your blog is your major business and you’re trying to build an audience – and a library – this is great advice. If you actually own and work in a business, though, toss this one on the trash heap. The biggest blog sites on the Internet actually employ multiple writers to post new content constantly throughout the day – who can keep up with that? You’re not trying to get a million viewers a day who are looking for something new every half hour. In most cases, the ideal posting frequency for a business blog is once or twice a week.

Always Write Your Own Blog Posts

The fact is that writing and maintaining a blog takes time – and for you, your time is better spent working in your business. There are certainly times when it makes sense to write your own blog posts – if your name is attached to them, for example (and even then, some of the best-known bloggers in the business employ ghost writers sometimes). If, however, your main goal for starting a blog is to direct links and visitors to your main website, it makes far more sense to outsource that work to a blog writing service.

Keep Titles and Posts Short

The popular wisdom is that Internet readers are too impatient to read a lot of words. Turns out that’s not so true. In fact, if you’re looking for lots of Facebook shares and clicks (via social media marketing), longer titles – with an attention-getting hook – are better. People are more likely to click through if the title piques their interest. The best titles have up to 80 characters. Likewise, posts with more words tend to be shared and liked more often on Facebook and via Twitter. The key is to provide useful, well-organized information that’s hard to find elsewhere – and that takes more words.

Concentrate on One Social Media Platform

It used to be that social media marketing folks would tell you to figure out where your customers were hanging out, and then focus on that one social media platform. These days, all of the social media platforms overlap – and they’re each useful in distinctly different ways. If you put all your blog marketing eggs on Facebook, you’re going to miss out on the perks of Twitter sharing, and vice versa. The trick is to repackage content for sharing, and use it to bring traffic back to your business website.

Sounds like more work than you’re prepared to do? Blog marketing and social media promotion is what we do. Check out our blog marketing packages and blog writing services to learn how we can help you with your blog writing needs.

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