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When it comes to blog marketing, a crafts-based blog may seem narrowly focused. In reality, there are many ways that a crafty blog can help with your social media marketing strategy. Here are just some of the reasons why, and the ways you can use a crafting blog to build your customer base.

Crafters are a loyal lot. Whether they knit, sew, quilt, take photographs, build furniture or throw pots, people who create crafts share a few important characteristics:

  • They spend money on their crafts.
  • They are almost always willing to try something new.
  • They often engage in an activity that requires them to buy consumables.
  • When they find something they like, they tell other crafters about it.
  • They’re always looking for new project ideas.

Think about those characteristics for a moment and consider how they apply to desirable traits for your business customers. Don’t you want customers who spend money, need to buy more of what you’re selling, are willing to try new products and tell all their friends about you? Uh-huh. Thought so. While there are obviously some businesses that aren’t obviously compatible with a blog focusing on crafts, there are many more that could benefit from deliberately courting crafters with blog posts that center on making things.

So what types of business would benefit from a craft blog – or at least from occasional-to-regular blog posts about crafty subjects – and what are the best blog marketing strategies to use?

  • Affiliate marketing businesses can use a blog to post patterns, how-tos and tips for crafters, linking to products that they get a commission for selling.
  • Craft supply stores can post news about sales, crafting tips, patterns and how-tos for cute items using the products they sell. An onsite blog can link internally to products used in the blog marketing posts.
  • Crafters can share tips, patterns, hints, instructions and, of course, photos of their work with links to buy finished products.
  • B2B suppliers who carry any type of crafting supply can post about new products and their uses and instructions or tips for using their products to build demand for their products. An especially good marketing strategy is to encourage store owners to create samples with your products, and to encourage customers to recommend your products to their favorite stores.
  • Bridal and/or events-based businesses can focus some posts on DIY favors, bouquets and table-settings. It’s a great way to attract brides and event planners to your main business website.
  • Bakeries can benefit from the same blog marketing and social media promotion strategies, substituting cake-decorating tips and baking tips for patterns and crafting tips.
  • Dollar stores and/or retail stores can post occasional posts about “made with our inventory” crafts. A once- or twice-weekly craft project featuring products from your store can quickly build a library of go-to projects for your local customers.
  • Art supply businessescan benefit from a combination of the above strategies, as well as featuring posts about local shows and events related to arts and crafts.

Don’t have the time or the inclination to create your own crafty blog for content marketing purposes? Check out our blog marketing packages and social media promotion services to find out how we can help you build your business using blog marketing.

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