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Blog writing has firmly established itself as an excellent marketing strategy for nearly any type of business, but most particularly for local business owners who are trying to make the most out of a local search strategy. Few businesses are as well-suited to a marketing strategy centered around blog marketing than bed and breakfasts. Unfortunately, establishing and maintaining a blog can present a challenge to business owners whose expertise lies in other directions – like running a great bed and breakfast. These tips can help local mom-and-pop innkeepers take full advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by regular blogging and social media promotion.

What to Write About

As a local business owner, you have unique insights into your region and neighborhood. After all, you’ve been serving as a guide to local attractions as part of your business since the day you opened. No one knows better than you which restaurants are the most romantic, or the best for family dining, where to find a great picnic spot and which antique stores are likely to feature the kinds of knick-knacks your guests are seeking. Those local interest blog posts are pure gold when it comes to local search engine marketing. They have all the markers that Google and other search engines look for when they want to serve up fresh local content to their users.

Use Local Keywords Liberally

When you write about local attractions, make sure you sprinkle location cues throughout your posts. Mention the names of nearby towns and refer to neighborhoods by name. Name drop local lakes and streams, and refer to well-known streets and routes in your directions. The more local clues you put in your blog posts, the more likely it is that the search engines will find your bed and breakfast blog when someone is searching for inns, lodgings or bed and breakfasts near your town.

Set Reasonable Goals

There are lots of reasons to confine yourself to one or two posts per week to your blog, not the least of which is that it’s a sustainable rate of posting, even for a busy business owner. Just as importantly, no less authority than Google itself has note that twice-weekly posting is the ideal frequency to attract and keep regular readers, as well as to attract regular indexing by search engines.

Maintain Your Blog Offsite

Yes, you have a business website for your bed and breakfast, and it’s an easy matter to host the blog on your own website, but there are some very good reasons for hosting your promotional blog elsewhere. One of the most important reasons is that search engines give greater weight to incoming links from other websites than they do to internal links – links that go from one part of your website to another. When you link back to your business website from an offsite blog, you also have greater credibility with potential customers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource Your Blog Writing

Blog marketing is a specialty, and establishing a blog that does a good job of selling your services as a local bed and breakfast takes time and skill. Those are things that come naturally to some people. If you’re not one of them, there’s no shame in outsourcing your blog to skilled writers who understand your needs. If you’re sold on the benefits of blog marketing for your local inn, but not on your ability to set up and maintain an effective blog, talk to us about our blog writing services. We offer a number of blog writing packages and social media promotion practices that will help increase your visibility online and bring you more customers.

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