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Small business owners have a wide range of marketing objectives. They might include raising visibility, cementing brand identity, increasing sales and engaging new customers. Whether your goal is holding onto existing customers, engaging new customers or re-energizing inactive customers, social media is a vital tool for your marketing toolbox. These tips will help small business owners make the most effective use of social media marketing in conjunction with blog writing services and social media promotion.

Build Your Audience

The most skillfully crafted posts and messages are useless if no one reads them. Building an audience for your Twitter feed, Facebook page or blog posts require a variety of techniques and tactics. One of the easiest is to simply Follow and Like the Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts of local business, organizations and users.  Many of them will automatically follow/like your business page back, building your audience naturally.

Vary Your Posts

Many businesses jump on the social media platform with a bullhorn in hand and never put it down. If your business does nothing but promote itself and your services, people will soon tune those messages out. Serve up a variety of content – some promotion, some information and, every once in a while, just to spice things up, a cute kitty picture or two.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

Don’t just send your posts out into the wild and hope for the best. Track them and pay attention to which posts and tweets attract the most attention, likes and shares – but don’t stop there. Note which types of engagement actually convert to action – clicks to your website, business leads or actual sales – so that you can replicate your successes.

Leverage Content

It’s no longer enough to use just one or two social media channels to get your message out. The most successful small businesses engage on multiple social media marketing platforms. That doesn’t mean you have to twist yourself into pretzels creating a never-ending stream of content. In fact, if you commission one well-written and researched piece of content, you can repurpose it in multiple ways. A good blog post, for example, can form the base for infographics, charts, slide shows and a series of Tweets emphasizing different points. Likewise, you can share the same blog post to Facebook multiple times with different titles and different pull quotes.

Call Out the Pros

No business owner has time to do everything necessary to leverage social media marketing and blog post promotion today. Whenever possible, call on professional blog writing services and social media marketing managers to take the weight off your shoulders, and leave you to manage the parts of your business you most enjoy.

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