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The holiday buying season is in full swing, and the early reports on sales are a mixed bag. According to the New York Times, Thanksgiving weekend sales were down a disappointing 11 percent in retail stores. That news was offset by the news that Cyber Monday online sales hit new highs. According to Time magazine, online sales for Cyber Monday topped $2 billion, making it the largest E-commerce day in history. This could be the year that online sales outpace in-store sales across the board.

The increase in online sales is especially important during the holiday season when, according to the National Retail Association, retailers do more than 10 percent of their annual business. That percentage is even greater in certain business niches. Jewelry stores, for example, do nearly 23 percent of their annual business during December and another 9 percent during November, accounting for nearly one-third of their business for the year. Other businesses also do more than their average share of business during December, including 15.3 percent for retail chain stores, 13.6 percent for and apparel and accessory stores, 13.4 percent for electronics stores and 13.5 percent for sporting goods stores.

Because of the high conversion rates and increased traffic, many Internet marketing experts recommend an online marketing strategy that includes buying targeted Web traffic as a major component. The strategy involves redirecting website visitors who click on a category link on a high-traffic website to a specific business website. It uses a mix of direct links and other ad strategies to send traffic directly to customer websites from targeted links. Unlike random visitors, those who click a targeted link are genuinely interested in buying a specific type of product or service. Because they are already primed to buy or seeking information on a specific topic, targeted Web visitors convert at higher rates than basic traffic. The higher rates make traffic provided by Majon International more valuable than many other types of website promotion, including email ad campaigns.

For retailers hoping to take advantage of the trend, online marketing specialist Majon International notes that the best way to boost online sales is to ramp up Web traffic to their websites for the holidays. The company offers a selection of targeted Web traffic packages to retailers who want to increase their website visitors by 10,000, 20,000, 60,000 or even 100,000 each month.  Majon uses a network of its own high-traffic websites and network partners to send up to 100,000 unique, targeted US-based visitors to small business websites in the category they select. For more information about targeted Web traffic packages, visit the Majon International website.

Summary: Majon International, a leading online marketing service, stresses the importance of ramping up web traffic for the holidays and gives some tips about how to do it.

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