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There’s no question that the holiday season is a huge one for any retail establishment. When your sales happen in a brick and mortar storefront, it’s easy to discount what your blog can do for you – and neglect it over the holidays. That’s a shame, because your blog and social media accounts can bring lots and lots of holiday shoppers through your doors in the lead up to Christmas. Here are just five ways to use blog marketing and social media promotion to snag your share of the holiday spending.

Publicize Holiday Specials on Your Blog

Put together a list of specials you’re running and publicize each of them in separate blog posts. Make sure that your posts offer more than just the price – build value into the post with gift suggestions (for products), meal suggestions (for food and groceries) or entertaining suggestions.

Link to Your “Specials” Posts from an Offsite Blog

If you’re working with a blog writing service to maintain an offsite blog linking back to your business website, have them boost your sales posts with links, too. Soft sell posts and recommendations with gift ideas and holiday tips are very shareable.

Promote Your Posts and Your Business on Facebook

Keep in mind that Facebook calls for different types of content than a blog. Add a pithy, cute or memorable status to your blog link before sharing it on your Facebook page, or pick a great graphic to make it more shareable. In addition to sharing your own blog posts on your Facebook page, stock up on some holiday-themed memes that are appropriate for your business, and add a marketing message to them as well.

Tweet Your Holiday Blog Posts

With just 140 characters to work with (including the link to your blog!), you have to be economical with your Twitter promotion. Three ways to maximize Twitter engagement include:

  • Craft an attention-grabbing title and tweet the title with the link.
  • Use a link-shortening service to save characters for your marketing message.
  • Preview the content in your tweet with a line like “I never knew you could use candy canes this way!”

Get Personal with a Holiday Greeting

Even if you work with a blog writing service, this is the time of year to get personal with your customers. Drop the business-like language and reach out with a holiday greeting from your heart – even if someone else writes it for you.

Our blog marketing service is tailored to help you make the most of your blog promotion and social media marketing opportunities. Don’t leave the holiday bonuses sitting on the table. Let us help you take advantage of the holiday spirit.

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