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Tis the season when shoppers spend lots and lots of cash. If you’re making the right moves on your business blog and with your social media promotion accounts, your business could be in line to reap a nice holiday helping of that holiday cheer. Not sure how to make that happen? Here are some ways to get your blog marketing and social media strategy together for the holidays.

Promote a Holiday Deal

Use your blog to promote special holiday pricing, a holiday sale or a holiday-themed giveaway. Whether your goal is to add more people to your mailing list or bring more happy holiday shoppers to your store, promote your event with a series of blog posts announcing the details, followed up with promotion from your social media accounts to make sure the word gets out on all channels.

Add Some Seasonal Spice to Your Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s never more true than during the holidays. Put your products in a holiday setting and get the photos out there via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you sell food, for example, take a picture of it as part of a festive holiday meal. Take a photo of gift-y products surrounded by wrapping paper, or put a bow on it. Even service operations can get in on the fun – take photos of your staff in Santa hats or brandishing candy canes as they get into the holiday spirit. If you work with a blog marketing service, supply them with holiday-themed photos they can add to your social media promotion lineup.

Post Holiday Themed How-Tos

Use your blog and social media accounts to offer holiday DIY projects and tips for the season geared to your business. A wellness coach, for example, might post tips for beating holiday stress. If you sell cupcakes, offer tips on decorating cupcakes for the holidays – they give you a great opportunity to showcase your own work.

Engage People with Holiday-Themed Posts

No matter what your business is, there are ways to spin some holiday cheer into your business blog posts. Get creative in your thinking. Even dentists can get in on the fun – why not post a list of top ten stocking stuffers that won’t rot your teeth? A band page can list favorite Christmas songs to add to your caroling event.

During the holidays, blog and social media marketing takes on dual roles – engaging your customers and generating leads or sales. Our blogging services can help you craft a productive and profitable social media and blogging strategy to boost your business profile and ring those holiday bells from the front door to the cash register.

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