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One of the longstanding options for web advertising is with banners. Because banner ads work so well, they are a very popular solution for many online business owners. Unfortunately, many new website owners try using web advertising such as this and find they are not getting the results wanted. There are a number of reasons for this and understanding why can help you avoid common mistakes and make better decisions that will increase traffic.

For one thing, while web advertising in the form of banners works, many people who scan websites will actually do everything they can to avoid clicking on them. The reason is that most people visit a website for a specific product and/or service. They know these banner ads are going to try to sell them something additional. With little time, the visitor will simply stay away from the advertisement.

Now, the upside to web advertising is that if the banner is placed in the correct place on the website, it can actually entice the visitor to click through instead of stay away. First, make sure you do not clutter your website with an abundance of banner ads. Instead, choose only a few that would be considered the best match. Then, keep the banner ad where it can be seen but not right in the visitor’s face. Often, the eye will automatically see the ad and if well made, they will click on it.

With web advertising such as banner ads, you have to make some very wise decisions. Typically, banner ads coupled with other tools for generating traffic is your best bet rather than depending on the banner ads alone. If you stick with banners only, you will not get what you want. Instead of increasing traffic, this form of web marketing will cause you to have a low click-through rate, people will become irritated, seeing the ads as sales pitches instead of something that could benefit them, and ultimately, you could actually lose potential customers.

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