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Local business directory listings are important because they improve the company’s exposure. They target specific areas, meaning you will be reaching out to a targeted audience. Most listings are free of charge. The process of creating local directory listings varies from one local business directory to the next. There are, however, some processes that are common across the board.

You will be required to give your contact information such as your email address and your phone number in all local directory listings. You will also provide the actual location of the business for mapping purposes. You are allowed to include a brief description of your business. You are also allowed a link to your website.

Once you have created a local business directory listing, you need to regularly maintain the listing for it to give you consistently high results. Note that there will be high competition for placement and you need to go out of your way to maintain your ranking. It is also important that you note you are unlikely to get a high ranking on your first try.

For effective local directory listings, information has to be updated regularly. As an example, change the phone number in your listing if and when you change it. Most people want to call you to ask for directions. Another example is that you should change your location on the listing should your premises change locations.

Use your local business directory listing to advertise as many products/services as possible. These should be listed in a product/service catalog. Giving your prospective customers/clients a wide choice is advantageous in that you will attract a lot more people and you will get referral and return customers/clients.

People who use local directory listings to run promotions get positive results. Selling offers and running promotions attract customers, but you have to post promotions regularly to prevent the pushing of your listing further down search engine results pages (SERPs). Take down expired promotions since they will do more harm than good.

For proper maintenance of local directory listings, study what your competitors are doing. This is important because it ensures that you take action that is likely to give you an edge. Start off with as many local business directory listings as possible and use online analytics to determine which are working and which are not. You could do a simple Google search to determine where you rank on SERPs on different local business directories. Once you have determined where you are most prominent, put all your efforts here.

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