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Internet marketing, a.k.a. email marketing, web marketing, web site marketing, or even search engine marketing, is a form of marketing that involves marketing products and services using the Internet as the primary medium of display. That means people use email advertising, web site promotions and advertising and other online tools to promote the sale of goods and services on the internet.

Email marketing and internet marketing have exploded in recent years. The benefits include:

* Lower costs associated with distributing goods and services to customers

* The ability to distribute goods and services to global customers or a market without borders

* Web linking, a tool that allows the promotion of one’s website or products and services by sharing links, content and information free of charge, much like a bartering service

* Lower costs and higher ROI associated with email advertising

* Instant response associated with email advertising, email marketing and web querying

* Possibility of affiliate marketing to increase website promotions and web site marketing efforts

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