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There are a lot of different words and phrases that come up when people are discussing web advertising. Some of them can be hard to understand, so here are some of the more commonly used terms and what they mean when it comes to web advertising.

Hit: A hit count is not an accurate reflection of effective advertising. A hit records all files that are loaded from the server. For example, if a webpage has ten graphics on it along with text, it will register eleven total hits whenever that page is loaded. When a webmaster quotes how many hits their page receives, keep this in mind.

Page Views: When the term page view is used, it means number of times a complete page is shown.

Impressions: Impressions means the number of times an advertisement on a website is shown.

Visitors and Unique Visitors: When the term visitor is used, it means the person who is coming to, or visiting, your site. For example, if there are one thousand people who visit a site, that would be one thousand visitors.  Even though there are one thousand visitors, there may only be around two hundred unique visitors.

The difference between unique visitors and visitors is that unique visitors are those people who have visited the website for the first time on that computer. This isn’t completely accurate, though, because some websites count on a 24-hour basis, which means after the 24 hours are over, the person who visits the website is counted as another unique visitor.

Circulation and Reach: When the word circulation is used in reference to web advertising, it is referring to the number of people who subscribe to an ezine or a newsletter. The word reach includes the number of people who get a copy of the ezine or newsletter though someone else, perhaps via a colleague or a friend.

When it comes to the terms that are used in web advertising, it’s best to know what they truly mean so that you aren’t misled. The more you know about the terms that are used, the better prepared you are to make informed decisions.

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