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Today, online business owners spend a ton of money to help drive more traffic to their sites. While there will always be ways to increase traffic that cost money, we see a growing trend in site owners looking for free website promotion options. The good news is that because there is such a growing demand, the options are also becoming increasingly more available.

One means of website promotion is with traffic exchanges. While this can help, it is considered the least effective choice. In this case, you would be able to earn traffic simply by going out and visiting other websites found within a network. As you view these other sites, you begin to earn credits, which then allow your own website to be seen by other sites within the network. Also known as surf exchanges, there is some effort that goes into this type of web promotion.

Keep in mind that for people to view sites, the process means that you have to click on some type of matching or coordinating number or symbol seen on the page. Because of this manual effort, the exchange puts you into a position of having to visit other websites. Now, if you like the concept of this method of website promotion but dread the thought of clicking and clicking, you can use an automatic system. For this, you would log into the account and then at specific intervals, sites are displayed for you. With this, you still earn the credits but without all the hard work.

Another type of website promotion that is often overlooked is using signature files. For this, you would simply create a signature in your email template that would include your name, website name, and URL. Then, every time you send out an email to someone, you are promoting the site simply with the signature file. You can also use a signature file for web promotion in forums, but you have to be careful in that some see a website name or URL as spam.

Finally, web promotion can be done to increase traffic by using article marketing. People love reading interesting and informative information, so if you can provide well-written articles that are distributed through article submission directories, you can also increase the number of people who visit your site. With this, you can use an active link within the article that would allow people to reach your site with a simple click of the button.

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