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Many people assume that creating banner advertisements only involves pasting an attractive photo and choosing a colorful background. There is much more that goes into the creation of online banner advertisements especially if you want to ensure that they are effective.

It is important that you include a call to action in your banner ads. These words or phrases call people to take action about what they have just read. These words or phrases may include ‘click here’ or ‘get it now’. These words will inspire the viewers to click on your banner ads.

Internet users are not browsing the Internet in search of advertisements. This means that you must do all that you can to grab their attention. One of the most effective ways of drawing the attention of an Internet user to your banner ad is by animating your banners. Ensure that the animations are small and do not cause the banner to load too slowly in any browser.

It is important to ensure that the banner advertisements are not more than 10Kb in size. This will ensure that the ads can load easily. No Internet user is going to hand around a website waiting for your banner ad to load. You should therefore grab their attention from the moment they log onto the website by ensuring your banner ad is small enough to load almost immediately.

You also need to ensure that you banner headline is catchy. There are certain words that most people will react to such as ‘free’ or ‘discount’. It is important to use these words in your banner ads. They will draw the attention of the user to your banners and pique their curiosity.

The choice of color for your border has a great influence on the success rate of your banner advertisements. It is interesting to note that the use of cool colors such as blue will increase the click through rate of the banner ads. Research has shown that more people click on advertisements with blue colored borders than on other ads.

You should ensure that you do not stick to the same banner advertisements forever. You should give your audience something new every so often. Change the design or color of your banner ads to draw more attention to them. You also need to have various different designs in order to appeal to different tastes and preferences within your target audience. Keep track of each design and determine which design is the most effective.

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