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Press releases are great for business, and the Internet has revolutionized the process of press release distribution. It used to be that individuals would have to submit their press releases to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television stations. With the Internet, a good press release distribution service can send your press release to hundreds or thousands of people in the media who specifically cover the beat that’s most relevant to your business.

A world without press releases would be a dull one. Without press releases, businesses and organizations would not be able to announce upcoming events and products, which means it would be difficult for consumers to find out about these events and products. Without the ability to distribute a press release to media outlets, consumers would literally be lost without the valuable information included within a press release.

When a journalist first comes across a press release, the title is the first thing that jumps out at them. If it is not something that makes them want to read the release, they’re not going to. If the title is intriguing, then they’re going to read the first paragraph. If that first paragraph is dull, then they’re not going to continue reading. From there, the press release should be both interesting and compelling. When it is, you’ll likely get interviews and a wealth of press coverage.

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