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If you have not considered utilizing social networking websites to leverage your Internet advertising dollars, you may be missing a tremendous opportunity. Follow these following steps so that you can establish profiles on MySpace and Facebook in an effort to market your business online:

1. If you are looking at utilizing either of these sites, the first step is to log in and create a free profile. This will only take a few minutes to do and you can find the sign up page on both of the home pages to these websites.

2. Once you create a profile, you will need to customize and add information. The more information that you can create in your profile, the wider audience you will have. These sites are designed to connect like-minded people and the more personal that you can be in your profile the better.

3. It is advised that you customize your profile so that it stands out from the rest of the online users. You may choose to pay someone to design your homepage, or you may choose to locate a free option. Either way, the more unique that you can make yourself, the better marketing opportunities you will have down the road. Consider using colors, bold headlines, a screen name that is descriptive rather than only your name, adding videos and embedding text links using some basic html to make your profile unique. Both websites offer specific and detailed instructions on how to add any of these customized features to your web pages.

4. Start marketing using your customized MySpace or Facebook URL. Each site will give you a direct link to your profile page. This can be used on your business cards, your email signature or on any other marketing techniques that you utilize.

5. In addition to adding your profile link to some of the basic marketing techniques that you already may be using, the next step is to start building your “Friends” list on both of the websites. To do this, it is recommended to start with your existing contact or leads list. Send out and email and let your list know that you have a new profile, asking them to add you as friends. In addition to this, you will want to manually add as many friends as you can find on both sites. This is simple and straightforward – when you click on someone’s profile picture, it will have a link that says, “add me.” The other person will get an add request and can choose to add you or not.

One of the most important things to consider is that, if you are adding someone to your profile that you do not know very well or at all, send a personalized message. For example, you may say, “I noticed that you are in the network marketing field and I thought that we may be able to share some ideas. I have invited you to be my friend.” By adding a personalized note, you will have a larger number of new friends than without it. This is important, as it can take a substantial amount of time to initially build your friends list.

Once you have added your initial batch of friends, you will want to regularly update your list.
One of the best things about these social networking sites is that by adding one friend, you are actually adding an exponential number of friends. You will have access to add the friends of each newly added friend to your profile. For example, if a newly added friend has 50 friends in their profile, you will be able to go through and select potential friends of theirs to invite to be friends of yours. So, imagine how many people you will be able to add if you spend time on this task regularly.

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