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We hear about this generation a lot, but just who are they? Born between 1977 and 1998, they’re different from any generation we’ve seen before, and they’re now entering the work force in droves. They’re the result of a movement to make children the center of everything, and sometimes we don’t know what to do with them. They’re more confident than any group we’ve seen before. Add to that their use of cell phones, the Internet, and other electronic forms of communication. It’s the first bunch of young people to grow up completely online, and marketing to them is a different ball game. They tend to be team-oriented and band together to date rather than going off alone. They work well in groups, and that can be a marketing strength on your part. They’re skilled at multi-tasking since they studied while other things were going on – a good reason to use cross-media marketing to increase web traffic. They played a sport, attended school, and were involved socially. They believe strongly in a green world and have positive reactions to anything that is good for the environment. With regards to work, they like structure. They respect positions and titles and seek a relationship with their bosses. They need to be mentored and they like personal attention.

OK – that’s the target. How do you hit it with your marketing? First of all, they go to their MySpace and Facebook accounts three or four times a day. They send instant messages to friends and upload their videos to YouTube. What are they saying about your products or your company? You can sign up for Google Alerts to see what they’re blogging about. Get on the sites they belong to yourself. Get your name in front of them. See that your company has a space on social media outlets. Just don’t overdo the commercial aspects, or they’ll see right through you. Just let them know what you’re about and most particularly what you stand for.

Dialogue with them, making certain that you listen (read) as much as you speak (write). You can ask them to rate your products, for example, or comment on them and on you. Try to provide a socializing forum. However, be consistent, no matter what media you’re using. Don’t say one thing and do another or you’ll lose them quickly. Use creativity here. Come up with new ideas and new ways to reach them. Try to be meaningful and fun at the same time. It can work if you work it!

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