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Writing and distributing a press release is a great way to market a business. Doing so provides exposure in myriad ways. By distributing a press release to directories, an entirely different audience is being reached. This is because the press release is distributed to various news outlets such as Google news. This is very important to get the exposure that is needed to improve a website’s traffic.

Paid vs. Free Directories

The places where a press release is submitted is going to have an impact on what kind of exposure is received. There are some directories that are better than others. To a large extent, you get what you pay for.

The fees vary with paid directories. They can sometimes be high, but other directories have rather reasonable prices. It depends on how many directories are to be submitted to and what type of exposure is being sought. Chances are that any individual looking to distribute press releases to directories wants to have considerable exposure. If this is the case, it can sometimes be feasible to mix it up a little, which means submitting to one or more pay directories and then distributing a press release to free directories.

What to Expect

When distributing a press release to directories, the press release will not be published immediately. It has to undergo approval first. This means that someone is going to review it to ensure that it falls within the guidelines of the directory. Just because one directory will publish a press release doesn’t mean that another one will. Once it is published, it may show up on the front page of the directory for a short while. For those press release directories that publish to news outlets, the press release will show up in the news listings under its respective categories in one to three days. From there, individuals can read the press release and follow the link in the resource box that takes them to the website of the press release owner. This is what is going to improve traffic exponentially.

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