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Yesterday, we talked about choosing promotional gifts to reinforce your brand image. Once you have them in hand, what distribution channels should you use?

The opportunities for distributing promotional items is virtually limitless, but can be discussed in terms of two groups: customers and potential customers.

A good rule of thumb is to first take care of your customers. If, for example, you sell products, include a promotional gift in the bag or shipment. An unexpected treat is always appreciated, and will serve to reinforce both your brand and customer loyalty.

You can also use promotional gifts as a teaser in your marketing efforts to customers – whether online or offline. If you do an email blast, for example, you can promise that the first 50 customers will receive a valuable gift, or that customers will receive a gift if they enter a special promotional code. In print advertising, you can include a coupon for a gift or ask customers to bring in the ad to receive their gift. During the holidays, send a more expensive promotional gift to your best customers to show your appreciation. Send the rest of your customers calendars that reflect your brand image, so your company will resonate with them year-round.

Promotional gifts can also be used in a variety of ways for potential customers. If your business is mostly local (or you wish to draw a greater number of local customers), you can set up a table at a local school or church event, a regional fair, or another local event. If you serve a niche market, you can give promotional items away at a trade show booth. You can also include promotional gifts in direct mail pieces – just make sure the gifts you choose are light, so that they don’t add too much to your postage costs.

By selecting and distributing the right promotional gifts, you can raise awareness of your brand, reinforce customer loyalty, and draw new customers into your business.

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