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Lest we think that all of the votes from Election Day have been tallied, Yahoo! reminds those interested in Internet marketing and advertising that they won the election for eyeballs by a landslide.

Yahoo’s bragging rights come from comScore Media Matrix metrics that put Yahoo! News at 7.6 million unique users and 259 million page views. MSNBC was next, with 6.8 million unique users and 232 million page views. CNN was third, with 6.3 million unique users and 134.5 million page views, followed by AOL News, with 2.5 million unique users and 45 million page views, and FoxNews.com, with 1.9 million unique users and 31.8 million page views.

The company’s press release about the figures included a testimonial from Chrysler that lauded the advertising channel as “the fifth network.” Given the financial trouble that the Big Three are facing amid talks of a government bailout, one wonders if using a testimonial from a company facing possible bankruptcy is a smart move.

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