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With web site marketing, the first goal is to build traffic so you end up with a larger customer base. The second goal with web site marketing is to keep existing customers interested in your website so they come back time after time to buy. All too often, web site owners overlook the second goal.

A good way to turn one-time customers into repeat customers is to provide them with interesting information and news about a topic that correlates to what you sell. Often, people want information and knowledge just as much as they do a tangible product. You can deliver that information with RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. Simply put, RSS is a way of being able to share website content with other website owners and customers. When you add RSS to your site, you are only adding one, possibly two lines of HTML code.

In addition to RSS being a great means to keep existing customers interested in your site, it can also draw new visitors to your site. When using RSS feeds, make sure that only one teaser line is used, coming from the RSS content. You want the teaser line to be interesting – words that capture the reader’s attention and draw them to click through to your site. When you conduct a search on a search engine, the results will have one-liners that provide just enough information to entice the reader to know more. This is exactly how you want to use RSS – to provide people with an interesting glimpse so they will be compelled to enter your site and see what you have to offer.

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