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After spending time, effort, and money to create a fantastic website, you need to get word out to the public. Sure, you could start with word of mouth to family and friends but that will only take you so far. Instead, you need to consider web promotion by using the top search engines. You could also list your site with smaller, lesser-known sites but to play with the big dogs, you have to have presence with search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

When web promotion using search engines first began, things were a little rough. Over the years, search engines and the processes have changed dramatically. Today, online businesses of every type and size have incredible opportunity simply by using the power of search engines. Although search engines were initially lame, they are now very powerful options for website marketing and advertising. The following are some of the most effective search engines, providing you with the best web promotion potential possible.

* Google.com – This particular search engine was first launched in 1988 and since that time, it has become the best web promotion site of all. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the creators of Google, formulated the name from an idea of measuring a link’s relevancy specific to search engine results. This platform has been proven to increase traffic with incredible results.

* Yahoo.com – Another great search engine for website promotion, Yahoo is considered the second best option behind Google. While Yahoo is a great way of increasing website traffic, it falls short in that the results of searches are not always relevant. Even so, Yahoo has made some significant changes that are keeping it in the running as one of the best options for web promotion. The primary advantage to Yahoo is that it has a strong connection with other search engines, including Alta Vista.

* Msn.com – Web promotion is also improved when MSN is used. As a part of Microsoft, MSN.com was not very impressive when it first launched. Within the past three years, the company has changed a number of things, actually making it a very keen site. MSN still has a ways to go to increase traffic but if the improvements continue, it will not be long before they rate even higher.

* Dogpile.com – Another choice for great web promotion search engines is DogPile. This site does offer great results for people conducting searches but keep in mind, all the results of DogPile are results that come from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In other words, they are simply reusing information. Even so, DogPile works well.

* AOL.com – Finally, you could use AOL.com as the search engine of choice for website promotion but as with DogPile, the information actually comes from Google.

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