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You may have heard about permission marketing, or attraction marketing, as it is quickly becoming the marketing method of choice by many online businesses. The primary difference between permission based marketing and spam is that the individual receiving the marketing pieces has in some way requested the information, or opted-in to have the material sent to them.

One of the best ways to generate a list for email advertising is to use a squeeze page on your primary website. Or, you can use a squeeze page in combination with other marketing efforts.

Squeeze pages are important marketing components to be used in combination with all of the marketing concepts discussed so far. When you are marketing to drive people to your business website, you need a way to capture their information for future drip marketing efforts.

A squeeze page is a short webpage that asks the visitor to opt in before they can proceed any further. Sometimes the visitor will be directed to your home page if they choose not to opt in.

For other businesses, if visitors choose not to opt in, they will be redirected away from the website all together. The rationale for a squeeze page is that most visitors won’t click on an ad or make a purchase on your site during their first visit. So, in order to generate revenue from online visitors, most businesses need to capture the website visitors’ information for long-term drip marketing efforts. A squeeze page can open the door for future marketing efforts when the visitor chooses to opt in, as the email and name can be used regularly for email marketing.

Some common methods in which to get website visitors to opt-in are:

* A Free newsletter subscription
* A Free report
* A Free eBook

If the information is relevant and informative for the visitors, they will be inclined to opt in to receive it. And, many email autoresponder programs will immediately deliver the material to the online visitor, making the entire transaction simple and quick for both parties.

When a squeeze page is used correctly, you will have an increase in subscribers or an increase in the number of leads to whom you can market over time.

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