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Last week, we wrote about the interest that Internet marketers have in the privacy initiative that Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft have agreed to with regard to repressive governments and Internet usage. Here’s what Yahoo! had to say in their recent press release:

This landmark initiative will help guide information and communications technology companies in protecting and advancing freedom of expression and privacy across the globe when they encounter laws and policies that interfere with these fundamental human rights.

“Yahoo! was founded on the belief that access to information can enrich people’s lives, and the principles we unveil today reflect our determination that our actions match our values around the world,” said Jerry Yang, Yahoo!’s CEO and Co-founder. “These principles provide a valuable roadmap for companies like Yahoo! operating in markets where freedom of expression and privacy are unfairly restricted. Through the collective efforts of industry, advocates, and government we will continue to see technology and the Internet as a way to improve people’s lives.”

And here’s what Microsoft said:

Throughout the world, companies in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector face growing government pressure to comply with domestic laws and policies in ways that may conflict with the internationally recognized human rights of privacy and freedom of expression.

In response, a diverse coalition of organizations has launched the Global Network Initiative, which seeks to establish guidelines for resisting government efforts seeking to enlist companies in acts of censorship and surveillance. Microsoft is collaborating with other companies, investors, civil society organizations, and academics to establish and implement Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy. These principles are based on internationally recognized laws and standards for human rights.

And here’s what the Global Network Alliance said (in part):

The Principles and accompanying Implementation Guidelines require significant new commitments from participating companies, including: establishing greater transparency with users; assessing human rights risk; requesting the legal rationale for government actions and policies; training employees; challenging human rights violations; and providing whistle-blowing mechanisms through which violations of the Principles can be reported.

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