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What is press release marketing and how does it relate to Internet marketing services? Press release marketing involves the use of press releases to attract visitors to a website. Typically it involves promoting a news release to professional syndication outlets and directories so the release is posted as content to various websites.

Other Internet marketing services that are similar to press release marketing include article directories that distribute articles on the web. The primary difference between press release marketing and article marketing is that a press release must be written in a manner that is catchy and involves a headline, story and newsworthy subject. An article covers a topic that is of interest to those who might visit your website, but does not specifically promote a product or site. Whereas an article is often guaranteed publication in article directories, a press release has to “sell” in order to gain traction.

A good Internet marketing service knows how to make a press release sing. How do you do that? You have to create a release that is seen as valuable. It has to contain information that is important and it has to ring with vibrant and dynamic sales copy.

Press releases can help improve a website’s search engine page ranking, which is one reason these important pieces are so critical to an Internet marketing strategy. Because it’s so important, it pays to find an Internet marketing service that can also distribute press releases to various publishers.

Press releases can be used in tandem with article marketing to substantially increase search engine ranking. The right Internet marketing service can play a key role in this success.

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