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Article marketing is an invaluable part of any web marketing campaign, and one that Internet marketing services can assist you with. Most Internet marketing services help web owners with writing and distributing articles and content throughout the web. You may find an Internet marketing service that can distribute your articles to e-zines, newsletters, article hubs and other content owners.

The purpose of these keyword-rich articles is to drive visitors to the web owner’s site. Articles should not contain sales-driven content, though. Rather, the content should be helpful and informative. The payoff is that you can include a link box at the bottom of the article that contains a link to your website.

Article marketing is most effective when the articles are between 500 and 700 words. They should have catchy headlines, and effective use of subheads that draw the reader’s attention. Some article directories have stringent submission guidelines, so it pays to pay close attention or to have an Internet marketing company write and distribute articles on your behalf. After all, if your articles aren’t published, they won’t be distributed. Then, you’ll have wasted your time.

Article marketing is not a one-time deal. It must be something you carry out regularly if you want to see the number of visitors to your site steadily improves. Most web owners realize that monthly article marketing efforts significantly increase the page ranking of their sites.

Article marketing is also very helpful as a web linking strategy, because it ensures that links are distributed throughout the web. If you combine article marketing with other services provided by Internet marketing companies, undoubtedly your page rank will rise. Sustained effort is what wins the race in today’s competitive Internet marketing marketplace.

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