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Every business owner knows that, to survive in the modern market, you must not only transact with international markets, but you must also learn to communicate with them. An international marketing plan that incorporates clear and frequent communication strategies will help you do this.

Two of the biggest barriers to garnering the attention of international clients, are a lack of understanding of the client’s language and customs. In the past, many business owners have relied on translators to help them conduct international trade and negotiations. Thanks to modern technology, however, there are several approaches now available that can easily take care of translations.

For example, there are dozens of free, online translators. Try each of them on for size and see what works for you. Online translators are especially helpful when you’re trying to translate documents. Because even free translators offer phonetic spelling, you may even be able to use them as a basis for making small talk with clients.

If you find that free translation tools aren’t enough, you can contract with a translator to optimize your communication. You can go to freelance sites, post your project, and have someone bid on translation services for you. Sites like Elance have dozens of contractors eagerly waiting to offer you an excellent price to provide translation services.

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