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Much of international marketing has to do with helping businesses create an international presence. International marketing makes doing business globally much easier, because it incorporates fundamental principles of traditional business marketing rounded out with cultural considerations.

Creating an International Marketing Plan

A simple way to get involved in growing a global business is by creating international marketing plans. Every business has a business plan. This plan typically outlines a business strategy for a domestic market. Often this plan can be modified to suit the needs of a global market. Many companies expand their business plan to incorporate a more international focus. Some things you should consider when creating an international marketing focus include what your company provides with respect to global products and services and what the international market will require for you to sell those products and services.

Once you have products and services, you then have to figure out how to land international clients. Most companies have local or domestic clients. How does a company then acquire international clients? There are many different ways to acquire international clients. Most of the time the way you do that is similar to the way you would land domestic clients – you network, you provide them with a business model and plan, and you negotiate.

After considering your product and the market’s needs, present potential international clients with a domestic product using a sales approach that speaks to the international market. Typically whatever you do will have to involve a broad approach so the adaptations you make are suitable to the entire global market and not just one international client.

If you do manage to land just one client, try to create a relationship with a well-networked client, or a very established client or big company. That way, when they are satisfied with your products and services, they can refer you to their partners and you can establish relationships with other large and well-established international firms. When you build one positive relationship, often may others will follow.

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