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If your website or Internet business is just starting out, chances are you don’t have a lot of money to spend to increase web traffic to your site. So you want to make every dollar do more than its fair share of the work. Fortunately, the Internet offers a vibrant combination of free and paid services, allowing you to drive people to your site for less money than you might think.

* Search Engine Optimization. This is a basic but successful method of driving traffic to your site. You need to have relevant content that causes your site to place high in a search engine search ranking for your subject. The more relevant words you have that match a search, the more likely it is that your site appears near the top of the results list. People see you first, and they click on your site.

* Social Networking. Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace make you easy to find. These sites are like getting people together in one huge room, and the site helps you find the people with whom you have something in common. The people who are interested in your product, service, or idea will find you easily on a social networking site, thereby driving web traffic to your site.

* Article Marketing. Several sites offer article marketing, which means that if you have expertise in any area, you can write an article about it and post it to those sites. Others who need your expertise can ask use your article in exchange for having your site linked to from their site. This exchange is totally free, but gets your link out to numerous like-minded people, in arenas you might have missed.

* Discussion Groups and Forums. Yahoo!, Google, MSNGroups and Smartgroups are but a few of the networks that have discussion groups. You can affix your web ink to every post so that people can see where to find out more. People can learn through daily conversations with you that you know your subject. They are even more likely to go to your site, and it’s all free.

Increasing web traffic doesn’t have to be expensive; you just have to be smart and know where you can connect with people – often without paying a cent.

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