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Increasingly, websites are being divided into two parts. There is a static part, the website itself, and there is a changing part, the blog. Blog stands for weblog, and is a little bit different from a website. A blog is more like an online journal, with daily entries centered around a single topic. Many webmasters use blogs as a complementary piece of their central website, and effectively increase web traffic. The website itself is a repository of images and information, statements from CEOs, schedules, and contact information. It doesn’t change very much, though a good web master will update images and information frequently.

A blog, however, is more casual in tone, and gets updated frequently – sometimes as often as a few times a day or even a few times a month. The blog is where news about your topic will be posted and analyzed, or personal stories about how great it is to work in your company will be shared.

The first thing to do when you are trying to make blogs work to increase your web traffic is to go to other blogs. Leave comments (bloggers live for comments), and when you fill out the short form, include your web site address. Anyone reading can now link to your blog through your name, which has become a hyperlink. And you have advertised your site for free. Make sure that you say interesting and intelligent things so that people want to go to your site!

Now you want to make sure your website has a blog. You can link to your blog from your website and your website to your blog, but each is your site with your advertising revenue. Any traffic to your blog will be linked to your website, thus increasing your web traffic. Make sure to update your blog frequently so that your content is interesting and fresh.

Make sure to register your blog with all the blog search engines. You may also want to register your blog with AdSense and other advertizing companies, because your blog can be a money-maker in its own right. Things move so quickly on the Internet that single-day specials can be posted on your blog and then expire the next day without having to change your website’s decor. It’s that easy to increase the traffic to your website.

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