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When people are looking for ways to promote their website, there are a lot of terms that they may hear that they aren’t going to understand. Here are a few terms that are often used in search engine marketing and what they mean:

1. Cloaking

Cloaking is something that websites use to display a few different versions of a website under different types of circumstances. Usually it’s used to display a content rich or optimized page to search engines and a completely different page to humans. This is something that representatives from major search engines don’t approve of.

2. Keyword Density

This represents the number of times that a keyword or keyword phrase is being used in the body of a webpage. The keyword density is shown as a percentage and it’s determined by the actual number of words that are on the webpage instead of the number of times the keyword is appearing in it. The more times that the keyword is in the text of a page, the higher the density the page will have.

3. Conversion rate

This is the number of people who perform an action at your website after they have clicked on your advertisement, and it’s divided by the number of click-throughs to your website through that particular advertisement. For example, if there are 150 click-throughs because of an advertisement, and 6 of those 150 clicks result in an action, the conversion rate is going to be 4%.

4. ROI

This stands for Return On Investment, and it means the amount of money that you are making on your advertisements as compared to the money that you spent on your advertisements.

5. Blacklist

This is a list of websites that have been deemed dangerous or off limits. The way a website is put on a blacklist is through operation that is fraudulent or because it sends unwanted software such as spyware to users.

6. Algorithms

These are rules that a search engine will use to rank the lists when someone types in a search term. The algorithms are closely guarded by the search engines because they are the formulas that they use to figure out the relevancy of a website. They are sometimes also referred to as “secret sauce.”

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