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Email advertising is a marketing vehicle that is still alive and well despite reports that the increased use of spam filters may hinder its progress in the future. Email marketing campaigns that are run well are still very much living, breathing, and thriving. For the most part, if you sell products or services online, you will have to invest in email advertising at some point. Most business owners recognize that tools like web linking and search engine marketing only go so far.

So why does email advertising still work, despite efforts to thwart it? Why would people still have an interest in opening your email advertisements?

Email marketing works because people still have an active interest in the content of their emails. Savvy clients and prospects know how to sort spam from quality email. They know how to distinguish between a catchy headline for a great product and service and a scam.

Email advertising and email marketing campaigns work. Here is the proof:

* Email marketing and email advertising, at least according to the Direct Marketing Association, are still turning a nice return on investment. In fact, for every $1 you spend on email advertising, you can expect to make between $45 and $51 dollars. That’s a better return than the average print advertisement.

* Email marketing and email advertising campaigns tend to generate more profit at a lower cost than other Internet marketing strategies.

* Email advertising is more efficient than traditional advertising because it allows the marketer and business owner to target advertisements.

* Email advertising is driven by data and drives direct sales.

* Email advertising is more likely to build relationships among consumers and potential customers, so other tools like web linking become possible.

Website promotion and search engine marketing are more likely to be successful when email advertising strategies are in place. It’s that simple.

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