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Search engine marketing is now the name of the game in the realm of Internet marketing. But understanding the working components is crucial to effective implementation in your business’s marketing plan.

Here are some of the components that search engine marketing may encompass:

1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Optimizing for a search engine involves using the most relevant keywords within your site’s content or in content that is backlinked to your site. When an online user types in a keyword or set of keywords, if your business utilizes those same keywords, it will improve the opportunity for an online match to occur.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

This advertising is achieved through text ads that are placed with, for example, Yahoo or Google. The placement of the ads is based upon the amount that you are willing to pay per click. When you bid more, your ad will be placed higher on the results of a search engine.

The other way that pay per click can help you is by putting advertisements on your own website, such as with Google AdSense. The search engine will match relevant ads to your business’ website, allowing you to receive passive compensation when online visitors click on the ads.

3. Web Directory Submission

Web directory submission is another method of advertising. These directories may be general or may be related to a specific topic. There are directories that offer free listings, but many will charge you for listing your website. Even though it may seem like a lot of money to have your website listed in a directory, you may find that you will get better results.

Overall, the more opportunities people have to see your website, the better chance you will have of generating online revenues. Each element contributes something unique to your search engine marketing efforts, so all are worthwhile.

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