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Press releases or PRs are distributed to news media for reputation management and to announce something that is ostensibly newsworthy such as a relocation, the launch of a new product, or the appointment of a new CEO. Traditional PRs were faxed, emailed, or mailed to assignment editors at magazines, newspapers, and TV and radio stations, but the trend today is online press releases. Online press release submission has several advantages and these include:

SEO – press releases help with SEO (search engine optimization) since PRs feature links back to your website and they feature anchor texts and back links to well-established news sites. Search engine robots consider link popularity when determining ranking. SEO is important because the higher you rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), the higher will be your visibility and the greater the ROI (return on investment). SEO also means less advertising costs.

Credibility and trust – your PRs will be on branded news websites and not dubious looking websites. If your PRs are of the right quality, Web users will also think that you are credible and reliable. This will lead to greater ROI.

Direct promotion – the closest cousins of press releases are articles meant for article submission directories. These articles are however disadvantageous in that you cannot do self-promotion. Press releases are not ads, but the self-promotion rules are less stringent. You can use PRs to convince customers that your product is the best and to announce the launch of a new product. You could even offer coupon codes and advertise discounts.

Global and targeted market – online press release submission enables you to reach a global audience since the Internet does not have regional or geographic boarders. You will also reach a targeted market since you will submit to news sites in your category.

Immediacy and cost benefits – electronic press releases reach their intended audience immediately you submit them. Online press release submission is often free of charge.

Online reputation management – press releases enable you to do online reputation management or ORM whenever your company’s name or your brand’s name is tarnished.

You should consider hiring a press release submission service because such services have employees with the necessary training, experience, tools such as monitoring tools, and contacts with news media sites. Hiring a press release submission service gives you unparalleled convenience and actually saves you money since it means you will not need an in-house IT team.

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