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Many companies that decide to go into international marketing do so to accelerate revenue growth, add to the bottom line, and grow the company. But the challenges are great, and the decision to make this move is not an easy one, especially for a smaller company. There are plenty of horror stories about companies that have rushed into international marketing without taking into account the challenges they were going to face. They didn’t consider, for example, that they were going to have to set up offices and develop partners in geographic areas where they might not feel competent or comfortable. By the time they found out that things were not going as they had planned, they had lost a considerable investment.

Before you take the leap into international marketing, you need to have a well-developed plan. You need to know why you are shifting to international marketing and whether your company is large enough to do it and survive the early setbacks that are bound to occur. It’s a wise ploy to study other companies that have gone into international marketing – both those that have succeeded and those that have not – and determine what made the difference. For example, have you calculated what percentage of your sales needs to come from international marketing and how much money it will take to make this shift? It’s also a good idea to sit down and make a schedule of all the things you will need to do to make this shift and determine approximately how much time it will take before you will see any revenue. For example, if you can’t get into international marketing with the staff you have, are you prepared to do some hiring? What about the market? Are you sure it is ready for your product?

You will want to explore the international markets and make some decisions about which ones are best for your particular product and company. You need to think about whether you want to limit the countries you will market to in the beginning stages and build on that, or whether it will be wiser to include several at the outset. Some companies use international distributors for their international marketing. You may want to calculate the difference in taking that route and in doing it yourself.

Of course, there is always the problem of selling across cultures and across languages. It would be wise to explore how other successful companies that do international marketing handle those matters. You may find that the best solution to dealing with a culture and a language different from your own is to hire people from that country to help you make decisions and avoid mistakes. Of course, they can also help with communicating in the language of their own country.

If the barriers to international marketing seem overwhelming, remember that many companies are negotiating these hurdles and are making a lot of money with their international businesses. The obstacles can be overcome – providing you have a plan.

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