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Over the past week, we’ve been discussing a variety of ways to develop, internalize, and communicate a brand image. Today, we’ll discuss one way to reinforce brand awareness: promotional gifts

We’ve all been on the receiving end of promotional tchotchkes – key rings, pens, potholders, and refrigerator magnets. Despite their kitschy nature, promotional gifts can be an effective way to increase brand awareness – if you do it right.

What’s the “right” way? Well, it starts with selecting the right giveaway. First, try to select a promotional item that complements your product or service. If you’re a beverage distributor, cups or sports bottles will work. If you sell golf accessories online, golf balls are a natural. If you are in the fitness field, a clip-on pedometer might be appropriate. If you can’t find a product that is a perfect fit, try for the right shape. If you’re a Realtor, for example, go for products in the shape of a house.

The other factor to keep in mind is selecting a product that will be used. Companies give out pens for a reason – they have longevity and tend to travel around from person to person. Don’t waste money on something really cute that will be tossed or stuck in the back of a closet. A tote bag might be a great giveaway at a conference, but chances are good that it won’t see the light of day once the conference is over.

Most important of all, stay true to the visual elements of your brand. In other words, whichever promotional products you choose to buy, make sure they reflect your brand’s color scheme, and ensure that you’ll be able to place your logo and use your font or fonts for taglines and contact information. It does more harm than good to have a promotional item that doesn’t reinforce the visual elements of your brand.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to select several different promotional items at different price points. That way, you’ll be able to use them for different purposes (which we’ll discuss tomorrow).

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