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Yesterday we discussed the advantages of selecting a company name that reflects what your company does and incorporates your primary keyword. Today we’ll cover the steps you can take to define your brand identity.

Your company’s or product’s brand identity serves to lay the foundation from which many other actions arise – including Internet marketing. Arguably, creating a brand identity helps you as much as it helps your customers. This is because defining your brand helps drive many facets of both product/service development and marketing strategies.

So, the first steps in establishing your brand identity are to ask yourself two questions. The first is, what products and/or services does my company offer? The second is, what differentiates me from my competition? Keep in mind that today’s online marketplace rewards those who are in niche markets. Our example from yesterday involved selling Hawaiian coffee. This is a niche market, with much fewer competitors than, say, a company that sells all kinds of coffee. So, narrowing your product or service can be one aspect of your branding strategy.

The other is the differentiation aspect. There are so many “me too” companies online that you need to know what makes you different. This differentiation will help drive everything from customer service to order fulfillment to where you place your advertising and marketing dollars. With our Hawaiian coffee example, perhaps your differentiating factor is that you have an exclusive contract with one coffee plantation. Perhaps it’s that you restrict your products to 100% Kona coffee. Maybe it’s that you sell only organic Hawaiian coffee.

There are other kinds of differentiations as well. Perhaps your company will occupy a certain price point – such as only the rarest, most exclusive Hawaiian coffees, or, on the other end of the spectrum, bargain Hawaiian coffees. Maybe it will specialize in gifts, offering Hawaiian coffee gift baskets. It could be that your company guarantees overnight shipping, or that your company has a commitment to reducing or eliminating its carbon footprint.

Get creative and think of what makes your company different from your competition. In addition to paving the way for defining other aspects of your operation, the process will ensure that everyone within the company is on the same page. This helps in many facets of organization building, from creating business plans to return policies.

Check back tomorrow, when we’ll discuss another aspect of branding.

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