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There are many ways to increase web traffic, and many people use all of them. However, you may not need to do that much in order to achieve your goals. What follows are some suggestions that may help.

* Place your site in search engines.

* Purchase advertising.

* Use bulk e-mail.

* Buy pop-up ads.

* Buy in-page advertisements.

* Use non-Internet advertising.

If you are using search engines, you need to know that if your site doesn’t appear on the first page, you are probably wasting your time and money because it’s not likely that anyone will find it, especially if there is any other website on the page that is in competition with yours. Searchers tend not to go beyond the first page, so be sure to get the placement you need if you’re going the search engine route. Another thing you can do is build link popularity – that is, find ways to get more hits on your site. Some people use webrings, which have actually been around since 1994. This is a collection of websites arranged in a circle. The sites have a common navigation bar, which links to the sites before and after it. This enables a searcher to click through all the sites. There is generally a central site with links to all the member sites, and the sites usually have something in common. A webring is a way to increase hits on your site dramatically.

A good way to increase web traffic is to write emails to sites similar to yours and ask them whether they would like to link to your site. In that way, in counting the number of hits on your site, the hits to the linked site will be included in the count. Another good way is to write articles and submit them for free. The payoff is that you will be able to include a link to your site in the articles.

The traffic you get from free listings at search engines or directories is known as organic traffic and can be generated by including the web site in directories, search engines, and guides. The search engines use “crawlers” that start at the registered home page and follow hyperlinks to get to internal links. The crawlers gather information about the pages they visit, store it, and index it in the search engine database. When a user of the search engine looks for a particular word or phrase, that word or phrase will be retrieved from the database. The one that comes up first gets from five percent to ten percent of the clicks. The rest get between thirty percent and sixty percent of the clicks of the previous one. It’s important to be in the top results!

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