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When it comes to building traffic to your website the best approach can be described as “all hands on deck.” In other words, you have to use a variety of Internet marketing strategies. Although working with an Internet marketing company and using their tools is important, there are also steps you can take to organically move your site up in search engine rankings. Blogging is one of them.

Although it seems as though the media talks nonstop about blogging, many ecommerce sites are slow to embrace blogging as a means to increase traffic. However, writing regular blog entries and including an RSS feed so that readers can subscribe to your blog can help increase traffic to your site, increase the number of one-way backlinks, and thus improve your search engine rankings.

The phrase, “content is king,” is often bandied about when it comes to site content, but it’s also true when it comes to blog entries. Write interesting – and sometimes provocative – blog entries, and you’ll pique the interest of your readers.

Using a blogroll, or a list of blogs that you like or that you think would be useful to your readers, is also a way to gain traction. You can also write a favorable blog entry about a tangentially related blog, and then drop that blogger a note letting him or her know that you like their work. You can even offer to be a guest blogger for their blog and cross-promote your site.

In Web 2.0, blogs are the currency of the land. Let your blog help build your website traffic – write on!

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