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Web banner ads are ads that are placed in Web pages and delivered to the Internet by ad servers. These ads are made from JPG or GIF images, from a JavaScript program, or from other software programs like Shockwave, Silverlight, and Flash. These ads often feature video, sound, and animations so that they grab the attention of a lot more people. Running a successful web banner advertising campaign is not easy because the most successful campaign is when you get a click through rate of about 3%, but there are several tips that can increase your chances of success.

For successful Web banner advertising, ensure you have a strong and clear-cut statement that features a call for action. Use words like Press Now, Your Last Chance, and Enter Here to entice Web users and to create a sense of urgency. You should however, ensure that there is credence to the claims if you want to retain the people you attract.

According to a survey by ZD Net, which is a popular U.S. website, animated banner ads generated 15% higher click through rates compared to static banners. In some cases, the click through rate was as much as 40% higher. Simply having a basic animation that consists of 2 scrolling bars that fill up slowly in your banner advertising will increase the chances of your banner ad’s success.

Consider audience involvement for greater banner ad success. The involvement could be direct such as tic-tac-toe and similarly simple games or by inviting the surfers for games, quizzes, and giveaways in your site. Give something free to entice Web users.

Despite popular belief, including your brand name pushes people away instead of pulling them in. This is mostly because Web users often assume they know everything they need to know and they will therefore ignore such ads. Recent AOL and Internet Advertising Bureau surveys prove this.

A targeted banner advertising campaign is a banner ad campaign that focuses on bringing in targeted Web traffic. Targeted banner advertising should be your focus because quality beats quantity when it comes to Web traffic.

Buy banner ads from credible and reliable websites since this will tell potential customers that you are also credible and reliable. Use small banners byte-wise for speedy download and then wider ones after the download. Use sex and intrigue to catch people’s attention. Consider hiring a pro since pros have the necessary tools, experience, and training for an effective banner advertising campaign. Response rates usually drop from 200,000 to 350,000 impressions due to what is called banner burnout and you should therefore change your ads to different versions regularly. Test your ads before releasing them. Develop a Web banner advertising strategy and stick to it.

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