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Writing a great press release is a good start, but unless you get your press release into the right hands, it will never see the light of day. That’s why press release distribution is key.

Web-based press release distribution services have a wide reach, but little depth. It’s analogous to scattering seeds across the soil and hoping one will take root. Highly target press release distribution has a narrower reach, but puts your release in the hands of the journalists most likely to take your story and run with it. Instead of scattering seeds, you’re taking care to plant each and every one, increasing the likelihood that many will sprout and grow.

It’s best to select a distribution company that has an up-to-date database of hundreds of thousands of media contacts, and that will target and personalize your press release for maximum effectiveness. For example, if you’re promoting your new line of office furniture, it doesn’t do any good to send your press release to sports reporters or those covering automobile trends. A good distribution company will target those reporters who cover business, office furnishings, and so forth, and deliver your release directly to their current email address. This way, your release gets to the proper person every time. Plus, the journalist doesn’t have to go hunting through releases generated by an online newswire to find one that fits his or her beat. The easier you make the journalist’s job, the more likely you’ll get coverage.

A sound media strategy is more common sense than rocket science. When you meet the needs of journalists while promoting your company, products, and services, you have a winning combination.

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