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The search engines that are used in most Internet searches are Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search and Ask.com. Search engine software is constantly searching the Internet, visiting websites and indexing the contents to build a database. When a user initiates a search, the search engine searches its database for the websites that provide keywords and content it believes most closely matches the criteria typed in by the searcher. Web site linking is paramount to this process.

How a Search Engine Creates a Database

Search Engines use software called a “spider” or web crawler to move around the Internet and index website content. They also collect details of the URL of the searched pages on the website. The URL is a web site’s address—how that particular web site is found on the Internet.

Search Engines and the Importance of Effective Linking on a Website

A web crawler may visit a website via a back link from another website. It will index the first page (the linked page) but it requires effective linking to the rest of the website in order to optimize the chances of the rest of the content on the site being indexed as well.

Gateway Pages and Effective Link Building

Internet searchers and search engine crawlers enter the website via a link either on a search result or from another website. The page they first enter on the website is called the gateway page. The gateway page should act as an index linking to every other page on the website. The web crawler will follow the links to other pages and continue to index those pages and give them a page ranking. It is vital that every page provides a live link to other pages and that there are no dead links on a page.

Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Site maps provide a convenient way of insuring that web site links are active and lead to all other pages. A site map is a directory on a website that directs search engines to the pages on their website. It does this by creating an XML file that lists all the URL’s (links) along with added information available on that website. A website that’s effective in creating a sitemap, finds and eliminates dead links, and is optimized for key words and content, should be able to achieve a high ranking on the search engine page rankings. And that is how the game is won.

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