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Web banners are online ads that are delivered to the Internet by ad servers. Banner advertising is important in that they attract traffic to websites. These ads are constructed from images, mostly GIF, and from the likes of Flash and Shockwave, and they often come with sound, animation, or even video. Web banners are placed in sites with interesting content and affiliates get to earn on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Banners are used to enhance brand awareness, to spread ideas, to make notifications, and to sell products. There are several banner advertising methods from which you could choose.

1. Traditional banners – traditional banners were rectangular in form and some people still use them. The different banner sizes were leader board, measuring 728 x 90 pixels, full banners, measuring 658 x 60 pixels, and half banners, measuring 234 x 60 pixels. These banners run across Web pages, but normal skyscraper, measuring 120 x 600 by pixels and wide skyscraper measuring 160 x 600 pixels run down the side of Web pages.

2. Pop-up ads – pop-up banner ads have been used for many years. As the term suggests, these ads pop-up whenever someone visits a Web page. These ads are however ineffective today since Web users are using pop-up blockers.

3. Floating ads – floating banner ads appear when a visitor first visits a Web page and they ‘float’ over the Web page for between 5 and 30 seconds. With this Internet banner advertising method, ads obscure the visitor’s view of the Web page and they often block the mouse input. These ads are advantageous in that they are animated, they cannot be ignored, they can have video/audio content, and they have a high click-through rate (currently at 3%).

4. Interstitial ads – interstitial Web pages appear between the requested Web pages. These pages load in the background, meaning they are the best ads if you are trying to deliver an ad that is graphics rich, an applet, or streaming media.

5. Unicast ads – Unicast banner ads are basically TV commercials running in the browser window. These ads have enriched video/audio content and they last between 10 and 30 seconds. Web surfers can click on the ads for more information.

Other types of banner ads that are used in banner advertising are takeover ads, which are large ads that just do not go away, contextual banner ads, which are placed in content-based sites, animated banners like rotating banner ads and scrolling banner ads. Others include pop-over banner ads, pop-under banner ads, rich media banner ads, drop-down menu banner ads which contain HTML code, fixed panel banner ads, XXL box banner ads, and corner peel banner ads. Consider hiring pro for banner ad management.

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