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Most businesses today have websites, meaning the Internet is very competitive since you will be sharing a platform with businesses from around the world. It’s more important than ever to get website traffic. Search engine optimization or SEO is important because it improves the ranking of your website in search engine results pages or SERPs, but you should complement your SEO campaign with other methods of bringing in targeted Traffic. You could buy targeted traffic, you could use redirected domains, or you could do a popunder campaign.

Although most Internet users get frustrated with the online ads, which can pop-up any time, the fact that onclick pop-ups and pop-unders are very effective in getting things sold is not in question. A pop-under ad will help you get website traffic into your site when people click on them. The pop-under ad has evolved from the traditional pop-up ad. A pop-under ad is sneakier than a pop-up ad in that it lingers behind browser windows and only appears after the closing of other windows. There are several reasons why you should buy Internet traffic with a pop-under ad and these include:

* Pop-under ads are not as intrusive as pop-ups since they do not overwhelm Web pages.
* Most marketing gurus believe that pop-unders are more effective compared to pop-ups.
* Web users do not see pop-under windows opening, meaning they will not get sick of the ad and close it.
* The marketers of these ads only use cookies. These cookies give them control over the number of times the windows will appear. This means the windows will not appear anywhere, anytime.
* Popunder windows ask visitors whether they want to proceed. The ‘close’ option is usually one click type.
* Pop-under windows are usually big enough for people to view the ads without straining their eyes.
* You will reach a targeted market since only those who are interested in what you have to offer will visit your website as suggested in the ad.

There has been a dwindling interest in banner ads and Internet marketers are opting for pop-under ads to fill the gap. These ads are sold to interested parties by Internet marketing companies. You can contract the Internet marketing company to come up with an ad or you can make the ad yourself. You should go for an Internet marketing company that does not charge you for an onclick popunder ad that is not displayed for less than a pre-determined period, the industry standard being 25 seconds.

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