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If you are looking for effective ways to increase Internet sales, there are various market strategies you can employ. You might choose to employ various methods such as Internet directory submissions, keyword optimization or banner ads. These options can be used alone or in combination but one that is likely to deliver results is a strong banner advertising campaign.

Evaluating a Marketing Campaign

Planning an online marketing campaign is about making sure that the financial outlay is justified by the return. With traditional advertising methods such as a TV ad, the cost is known but it is impossible to know how many potential customers you derived from it, or how many viewers were converted into buyers. This isn’t such an issue with web marketing and by using the right tools it is possible to fully understand the costs and benefits of a specific banner advertising campaign. You can prepare a budget in advance but most of the time, it will be based on assumptions and predictions. You can also evaluate post-campaign.

To do both you will need to know the costs of the banner – you might be paying a fixed fee or you can opt for a pay per click rate. Post evaluation, you’ll know how many customers responded to your call to action (clicked through) and then you can calculate the costs per customer. If you invested in trackers that are able to follow a click through to a sale, you’ll then be in a position to calculate the benefits and financial success of your banner campaign.

Once you have this information you or your accountant can turn your number into financial statements, such as a return on investment ratio graph to be used for future marketing efforts.

Post Evaluation

Once you have all of your valuable marketing information, you’ll be in a position to identify whether or not you need to find host sites with less expensive fees or click thru rates. Or you might find that you need to review your pricing strategy including postage and packing fees and possibly payment fees. There are many things to review during the evaluation of your banner advertising, some of which is the computational value around the costs and benefits but others might be about the aesthetics. The experience might lead you to consider upgrading the content of your banner or if you had previously designed them yourself, hiring a professional to do it for you in order to obtain better results.

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