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Web linking has since the inception of the Internet been one of the integral factors that determine the success or failure of a website. It is through the linking of websites that the search engine crawlers are able to determine the popularity of a site and thus reward it by giving it a high placing in search engine results pages. There are various techniques that one can use to build website links each with its own pros and cons. Most people usually adapt a mix of all the techniques they know in order to provide a multifaceted approach to link building.

One of the techniques of web linking that is known for its effectiveness and that features predominantly in any link building campaign, is the use of article submissions. In this case, one comes up with original and creative content regarding an issue or products and services relating to their niche. At the end of the article, they can add an author’s resource box where they can add a link or two back to their main site. Thus, if someone reads the article and are interested in what the author has written about, they can click the link and end up back at the main site.

The reason why people love to use article submissions to build website links is the fact that you get to create contextual links, which are usually very highly rated by the search engines. By using certain keywords as anchor text and linking them to the homepage of your main website or to deeper pages, you will be increasing the chances of someone actually landing on your site and maybe carrying out some conversion. The fact that you are free to write about anything related to your niche means that one has the freedom to come up with articles depending on what they intend to achieve in their marketing campaigns.

Apart from being an effective way of optimizing your website for the search engines, web linking using article submissions can also help to improve your credibility. When you constantly spin high value content about you niche on a regular basis, people will learn to see you as an authority in you field and this can help to improve the trust that customers and potential customers have in your business. In the long run, this translates to brand loyalty, which in turn leads to repeat business for you and thus a better ROI. So, if you are looking for a cost effective way to build website links, article submissions is the way to go.

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