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It is possible to generate the best written articles using the ideal keyword phrases and still fail miserably in your article marketing campaign. The reason for that are weak, inappropriate headlines that many use in their articles.
The result is that an article that features right at the top of search engine results for a popular keyword phrase will still end up receiving only a tiny fraction of the traffic it was supposed to enjoy. On the other hand, an article that ends up on the second or even third page of the same search engine results can end up receiving a very huge percentage of the traffic, easily beating articles that are ranked well. This would happen simply because they have much better headlines.

The Main Objective of a Headline

One of the most common mistakes content providers make when creating headlines for their articles is they want to appeal to as wide of a general audience as possible. The only result of targeting an audience that is too general would be losing everybody. You see, the basic rule about headlines is that they are supposed to flag a specific audience. The idea is draw attention to the narrow niche that would be interested in the subject. The narrower the niche targeted by a headline, the more successful that headline will tend to be. The end result will be that most of the people who get to read the content will find it useful. The odds that they will end up making a purchase at the site will also be much higher.

Even products that seem to have a very wide and general audience are best marketed by dealing with a single specific niche of the market at a time.

Spend More Time Deciding On Your Article Titles

Many people are surprised over the fact that the pros will tend to spend a lot more time agonizing and deciding on their headlines that they do putting together the actual content. With a poor uninspiring headline, it will matter little how good your article is, the truth is that few people will actually get to read it.

The task of creating good headlines online is made much more difficult by the need to use carefully selected keyword phrases. This calls for a lot of creativity. That is why an online writer should create a number of different headlines and then examine them carefully before finally deciding on which particular headline to use.

Track Your Traffic and Test Your Headlines

Being able to track your traffic online is of extreme importance. It is a good idea to test your headlines as much as possible before you fully roll out your articles online. Your tests will clearly show you the most popular and successful headlines enabling you to make an informed decision on which particular headlines to use.

This is one effort that is well worth putting in because the difference in hits and revenue between a bad headline and a good one is in the region of several million dollars.

The Magic Focus for Most Great Headlines

It is human interest to always think selfishly. This is why by focusing on the reader’s point of view when listing the benefits of the article in your headlines will make a huge difference in the way people react to your piece and ultimately the number of click through that your promotional article will end up with.

Avoid Making Your Visitors Angry

Always remember that people are in a hurry. They will not take kindly to you wasting their time. Many webmasters get their visitors angry by generating benefit-laden headlines that always end up being a huge disappointment because the actual content comes nowhere near delivering the promises of the headline.

You don’t want to do this because the worst thing that can happen to a site is genitive word of mouth publicity generated by your prospects that have visited your site and have been bitterly disappointed. You can easily test the power of headlines by going back to your site and changing the headlines while keeping track of the visitors.

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