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If you have been running an online business or website for some time now, then you know the importance that good SEO plays to the success of your undertakings. For good SEO to take place there is something that must be added to the mix and that is website link building. This is the process of increasing the link popularity of a website by adding the number of linking websites that are connected to it. What makes link building a very effective SEO tool is that it not only provides good optimization for the search engines but it is also essential in ensuring an overall better performance of a website.

There are two main types of links that you can get when linking websites; there are one-way links and there are two-way links. One-way links are those that do not have to be reciprocated while two-way links are reciprocal links and are the links that are achieved through link exchange programs. While both of these have positive effects on your overall link popularity, it is the one-way links that are given a higher weight by the search engines. They are therefore more effective than the two-way links in terms of producing results within a short period of time.

To guarantee even more success, the linking website should be one that is niche related. This means that you should strive to draw links from sites that deal in products and services that are similar to yours or that are related to yours. For example, if your business is all about selling mobile phones, niche links could be links that come from sites that offer information on phones or that cell phone’s accessories such as phone covers or batteries.

When you have a large number of niche one way links from linking websites you will have effectively doubled your link building efforts and will guarantee results from your campaign. This is due to the fact that such links will serve to improve your credibility to clients and potential clients since they act as references from different people to your business. They therefore set you apart as an authority and people have more faith and trust as they do business with you. This makes it easier for you to develop brand loyalty, which will help to promote repeat business that is essential for online business success. So, the next you go about website link building, ensure that you use these link building strategies.

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