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When it comes to promoting your brand to customers and potential customers, consistency is key. If you’re repositioning your company with a new branded image, you need to communicate that to your existing customers in a way that encourages them to buy into the changes. In order to do this, you have to pinpoint the ways in which your new branding benefits your customers, and then communicate that value proposition.

When communicating your brand to potential customers – whether they’re visitors to your website, viewers of your advertisements, or recipients of your other marketing efforts, it’s critical to reinforce brand awareness every step of the way. For example, your existing website design and copy may be fantastic, but does it communicate the uniqueness of your brand? If not, it may be time to revamp it. Go back to logo, tagline, colors, and typography for the design, and work with your copywriters to infuse your branding message in the text. Change the “About Us” page, reposition product descriptions, and change other text to reflect your brand identity. The result should be cohesive, so that the visitor has no doubt as to who you are and what value proposition you bring to the table.

Similarly, rewrite any form letters, brochures, and other material to reflect your brand. Revise your directory listings. Revamp your online marketing campaigns. After all, if you’re giving your company a makeover and only go halfway, you’ll end up confusing your customers and potential customers.

Check back tomorrow, when we’ll discuss other ways to promote your brand.

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