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Words are a very powerful motivating factor and can make up an effective promotional article. A useful and powerful marketing strategy would be to use article marketing to build a large online affiliate sales force for your product or service.
Throughout history, the power of words can not be disputed. Words have brought about many dramatic revolutions and created havoc in bringing down powerful kingdoms and political alliances. The old adage that comes to mind is, ”the pen is mightier than the sword.”

Identify Your Target Market

Recruiting affiliates starts with a good understanding about your target market. This is the only way that you will be able to create effective and promotional articles. Remember that people are bombarded with tons of articles online all the time and are spoiled for choice. So, for anybody to use their valuable and limited time reading your article, it has to be great. The way to make an article appear great in the eyes of your target market, is to push all the right “hot buttons,” that will peak their interest.
To find out which hot buttons and hot topics will get your audience really interested, you will need to ask yourself the question; what turns them on about the subject you are covering? Do they want to make money online, or get rid of baldness with some magic solution that works? These are the questions that you must answer.

Give Before You Receive

Articles should give out plenty of valuable tips and information before you get around to asking folks to join your affiliate program. One very effective way of doing this is to create a regular ezine, and to ask people who are interested in getting more information to subscribe to it. This will give you an opportunity to communicate regularly with them. Research has proved time and time again that most people will not buy anything on the first encounter. They would rather purchase from somebody whom they are familiar with. Your regular ezine will cause your prospects to be very familiar with and chances of their joining your affiliate programs will be much higher.
Article marketing has a huge advantage over other conventional methods of recruiting affiliates. Usually most sites get most of their affiliates using links from their main site. The big disadvantage here is that they rely only on visitors signing up at their sites.
Top affiliate programs are a little luckier in that they usually get promoted at discussion forums where successful affiliates recommend them as good affiliate programs to join.
Article marketing has an advantage over all these methods mainly because of its’ viral tendencies. A single article can easily end up in tens of thousands of sites. The result is that the affiliate program will end up receiving colossal amounts of traffic from a wide range of different sites as potential affiliates. If performed properly, the sign ups of affiliates will be much faster and larger for article marketing, than with any other online marketing strategy.
Currently, promotional articles are hardly ever used to promote affiliate sign ups, and yet it makes plenty of sense to use them. Chances are, they will be much more effective in building up a quality affiliate sales force team.

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