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You know you’ve got a good product. Everybody likes it, and it sells like hotcakes. You know marketing, and you know product development. However, there are plenty of companies like yours that have plunged right into international marketing – only to get their noses bloodied. The people in this country might like what you produce while no one else in the world gives a hoot. Who knows – maybe people in the international market will love it, just as Americans do.

When it comes to international marketing, market research is even more vital than it is in a domestic situation. You know how foolish it is to try to sell something when you haven’t taken the trouble to research the market. Standard and Poor’s and Euromonitor are both good resources for this research. You can find databases in these sources that will be extremely useful. They also contain private information about companies that will help you identify potential partners for your international marketing endeavor.

One thing you can be sure about: no one is going to know your brand, so you will need to start from scratch in creating brand awareness. The good news is that there are thousands of small importers in just about every country on the globe who are looking for products to sell. A good place to start would be to look for them. Keep in mind that you will need to understand their needs if you expect them to meet yours.

A good site for the information you are going to need for your research is Globus, made available by the U. S. government. The U.S. Commercial Service is also an excellent resource for the market research you need to do early on, so that you can decide whether or not to jump into international marketing. You may find that you need outside help, and there are many reliable international marketing firms that can help you in your search. A couple of sites where you can find such firms listed are GreenBook and International Market Research Information.

Your decision-making process should be planned out, similar to creating a business plan. Consider licensing software that is specific to this purpose. When you have a sound decision-making process, you can be sure you’ll arrive at the right conclusion for your company.

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